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The first SOAP service is complete. Well in actuality it's two services, one to do currency conversion and one to test that the SOAP services are actually alive.

XMethods has listed my currency exchange service and you can get the details there. However, here's a quick synopsis:
The SOAP method expects 3 variables, number, currency1 and currency2, with the first being a number and the latter two being ISO codes for currencies (ISO lookup to come). The value returned is the number of units of the second currency that the number of units entered of the first currency will buy. Clear as mud.

All services will be available through:, but as said before, you must to use SOAP to access them.

In a while I'll post details of the services so if you want to use them you can. As an aside, I use NuSOAP by Dietrich Ayala for my server classes rather than creating my own.

Next up will be SOAP services of the Whois and the temp convertor although both are largely pointless to turn into services I know.